I’m sure every dog owner has seen items “come to pass” which shouldn’t have been there to begin with.  I had an 8-week-old Husky puppy from one of my litters having a horrible time in the yard one day.  Upon further investigation I found he was trying to pass the slide buckle from one of my bra straps which WAS in the dirty laundry….  I’ve also seen a gardening glove and full set of panty hose from a Standard Poodle I used to dog sit for who was NOTORIOUS for consuming non-food items.  And there’s always the plethora of toy stuffing, toy eyeballs, etc.  Ah, yes… those things which come to pass.

Here are a few items which could not – or was unable to – allow nature to take it’s course.  Some of these items really made me go, “Hmmmmmm… what the……..”

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No, this last one is not a dog, obviously, but cool enough x-ray I had to include it:

Sources:  NY Daily News and MySmelly.com