Samantha Hodge is a dog rescuer at heart. Helping those in need comes naturally.

Yesterday, when she entered a gas station in Hampton, she witnessed a distressing sight – a scared dog running through the parking lot, being chased by her worried owners, heading for a freeway.

Hodge, being a hands-on type of rescuer, did not hesitate to get involved in the rescue effort.

She quickly kicked off her flip-flops, hiked up her dress and ran at top speed in an effort to capture the terrified canine before she hit the ultimate danger zone of the busy roadway.

But the dog was fueled by adrenaline – not listening to her owners – hell bent on escape.

Imagine Hodge’s despair as she watched the unthinkable unfold – the frightened dog running directly onto the freeway – a thoroughfare of vehicles traveling in excess of 70 mph.

Knowing what would come next was too much to bear – she laid down on the ground and began to cry for the life which was soon to be lost.

But then, in one amazing instant, she witnessed an amazing sight – every car on the freeway came to a stop and masses of people exited their vehicle to help corral the runaway dog.

It worked.

The dog, a Labrador mix named Jazmine, turned and ran right back into Hodge’s arms.

Though frightened, and exhausted, Jazmine was able to be safely returned to her anxious owners. Amazingly, the dog had just been adopted by the couple 15 minutes before the terrifying incident.

Hodge had a special thank you to share with her thousands of Facebook friends,

Just in case there is anyone in the Hampton/Norfolk , VA area reading this that helped bring this dog to safety . THANK YOU , THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER !!!

And a special thank you to Samantha for being there for this frightened dog – a true rescuer at heart.

Note: The dog featured in the photo which accompanies this story is not Jazmine – this is Badger, a dog available for adoption through the Second Hope Rescue. Please read Badger’s Petfinder profile here.