What a WONDERFUL idea! A professional photographer is volunteering her time to take professional sitting style photos of dogs at the shelter up for adoption. Rather than the sad, forlorn, in jail photos typically shown on rescue and adoption sites, she did not feel these types of photos did the dogs justice. And the numbers prove that it works! I encourage anyone who is fairly good with a camera – does not need to be professional, just knows how to focus and shoot a camera – to contact your local agency and discuss this further. I am going to. This woman in the video is a professional, therefore she has the furniture and backdrop available. However, I do not feel this is a requirement. Simply taking a dog out into the grass, or positioning on a nice chair in the lobby or an office will suffice. The idea is to place the dog in a scene which would be normal for a family dog to be seen in.

Please share this idea, help adoption numbers increase.