I have come across a fairly decent copy of the “zero-gravity dog.” Most have been downloaded, copied, uploaded endless times that the quality is very poor. And there are also several animated gif’s floating around, too (pardon the pun). But here is the best quality that I have found.

LOL… my cousin who is a pilot did this move to me… by surprise. Cousin rented a plane and also brought the young neighbor boy along for the ride. I sat up front, and the boy was behind me. My cousin asked us to change places so the kid could sit up front for a while. While the kid and I were both unbuckled and trading places, my cousin did one of these dives and up we floated! It was great!

Now, some people have commented on the video that they think this is cruel and so on. Just watch the dog. It is not troubled, not panicking, and actually has a bit of a happy look in it’s face. I’m pretty sure that the dog has been through this before. Regardless of whether the dog has or not, I think it looks like he (she?) is having a great time.

Dog defies gravity


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