Spencer is a 2-year-old partially paralyzed bulldog who put on and now walks in his first set of prosthetic back-legs and Crocs®. Yes, Crocs®. The brand of shoe that became a sensational hit a few years ago and still remains a very popular shoe worn by all. Spencer the Bulldog has his very own pair of bright green Crocs®.

Spencer has been paralyzed in his back legs since he was a puppy. No one is sure whether this occurred from being dropped or abused. As a pup, he literally arrived one day on Linda Heinz’s doorstep, and she immediately took him in. Spencer’s vet believes that he has never been able to walk around like a regular dog.

One day Westcoast Brace and Limb decided to pick up a challenge… designing and creating prosthetic hind legs fitted just for Spencer so he can walk around by using his hips to move his new legs. Since the prosthetic legs would slip and be unstable, they decided to outfit Spencer’s new legs with a pair of vividly green Crocs®. And he does look smashing – and incredible happy – getting around on his own now. Spencer no longer has to beg for Linda to carry him around.

Now Spenser gets to go for walks with his friend, Porkchop – a blind pig. Here is a heartwarming video of a news story about Spencer. He looks so sharp cruising around in his Crocs®, and definitely one of the happiest dogs I have ever seen.

Thank you Westcoast Brace and Limb. Thank you.


Paralyzed Bull Dog Walks Again in Crocs Shoes





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