Kaia the Golden Retriever | Master Canine Agility Champion

Kaia on the beach at the Pacific Coast Washington state

Flying dog fun

Just playing around…. added wings to a Border Collie, a breed known for agility.  First picture is the original layers, then the final picture. (Make sure to scroll down…)





Actually, it’s SUPER-MAMA!  Flying out of that chute… look at her GO!!!



Canine Agility: Running the A-Frame

A frame canine agility

And Mama running the A-Frame.  Top picture is from a trial in Albuquerque NM, early 2010.  Second two are in a trial in Santa Fe, NM, May 2010.


Mama… my agility dog!

Canine agility jump

My mother dog to my lethal white took to agility like a fish to water!  Aussie’s are born to “work”, but in her book, it’s playtime!! I rescued her and her son when she was about 4 years old, and her son “Dork” was about 3 months. Now she is approximately 8 years old.


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