Funny Dog Photos, Memes and Animated GIFs #6


Well, been quite a while since I have posted. I miss it so time to pick back up again. What’s the best way to return to posting? Funny dog photos, memes and animated gifs!

Enjoy fellow doggie lovers!

Click on any image to bring it up full size and scroll through. GIFs will still be animated.

Eight Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

Koki the cat retrieving a stuffed toy

Meet Koko the Cat who shows eight different signs that she wants to be a dog. Can’t say that I blame her, after all, dogs rule! Cats are only here to entertain dogs. And keep the mice down. Although in my house, the Border Terrier is a much better mouser than the two cats….

8 signs your cat is actually a dog



FYI… it has been brought to the owners attention that panting in a cat may be an indication of heart or respiratory problems. Hopefully the owner will listen.


Carolyn Scott and Her Golden, Rookie, Dance to Grease’s “You’re the One That I Want”

Carolyn Scott and Rookie

Partially Paralyzed Bulldog Walks for the First Time With Legs and Crocs®

Spencer the Bulldog wearing his new legs and Crocs

Spencer is a 2-year-old partially paralyzed bulldog who put on and now walks in his first set of prosthetic back-legs and Crocs®. Yes, Crocs®. The brand of shoe that became a sensational hit a few years ago and still remains a very popular shoe worn by all. Spencer the Bulldog has his very own pair of bright green Crocs®.

The Family Portrait Gone Awry

The family picture featured

This young man decided he wanted an updated family portrait comprised of himself, his two cats, and his Boston Terrier. He carefully set up his camera and and decided to use the multiple shots which makes sense. Better odds of getting at least one photo with everyone looking at the camera. He gathered up his loved ones, set the timer, and waited for the photo shoot to start.

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