Funny Dog Photos with Captions #2

Funny Dog Photos with Captions Kitty not doing sobriety test well

Well… not just all dog photos with captions. There are a few cat photos with funny cations, too. After all, dogs and cats go together like peas in a pod… like bread and butter… or like positive and negative….

Puppy Fakes Her Own Death

Puppy fakes her own death

 Adorable video showing a larger puppy running around with the “squirrely’s” who fakes her own death to the older dog.


To Everyone Who Loves Dogs

Dog jumping into water

I saw this video shortly after is was made by DogWork and have loved it every since. I shared it with friends over a year ago, then couldn’t find my link. After much searching, I finally found it once again. This video truly is very heart-warming, and the song chosen only adds to it. Please share and pass on the love for dogs.



A Dog Piloting a Sopwith Camel | Graphics

Having some more fun with my graphics tablet in Photoshop. Here is a dog piloting a Sopwith Camel, which was a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Front in 1917.

I started out with just the dog. Added the goggles and scarf, then tucked him? her? away in the plane all ready for take-off!



A dachshund, a jet-ski and a ski slope…

A dachshund, a jet-ski and a ski slope…  What do these three have in common?

Not much… except for this photo I just created.

My Christmas gift from a very, very dear friend was a graphic tablet/stylus pen. So I am now having a blast learning how to use it, get the feel, and create! I am not sure how I came up with this combination, but it sure was fun to make – and with the tablet, really was not difficult at all.

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