Stay Away from the Catnip! Talking Pet Auditions by klaatu42

Jupiter and Kona the white cats

Recall the viral video by klaatu42 called the “Ultimate Dog Tease” where a talking dog expresses his woeful agony because the cat got to eat the meat and bacon and he didn’t? If not, it is below the “Talking Pet Auditions” and you may then check it out. Or if you’re like me, you’ll watch it again even though you’ve seen it dozens of times. There are 122 million plus hits on it, too. I’m sure a thousand or so are just from me.

The Dog Fort and The Bomb | Humor

dog-fort-cell featured image

An adorable and humorous comic-book style set of photographs about two dogs, a dog fort, and a bomb. The Golden Retriever carefully hides in guards the fort while the German Shepherd goes out for bomb duty with his human.

Here is the dialog between the shepherd and the retriever. The shepherd’s name is “Chip,” and the retriever is “Chief.”

The Amazing Zero-Gravity Dog

Screenshot dog in plane

I have come across a fairly decent copy of the “zero-gravity dog.” Most have been downloaded, copied, uploaded endless times that the quality is very poor. And there are also several animated gif’s floating around, too (pardon the pun). But here is the best quality that I have found.

Funny Dog (and Cat) Photos with Captions #5

Featured image for dogs photos with humorous captions number 5

Yet another installment of funny dog – and a few cat photos with humorous captions. Get a laugh out of cats making fun of dogs, then chuckle when dogs will stop at nothing to get a treat. Don’t you think it’s amazing that babies can telepathically talk to puppies? This happens all the time in the funny photo and caption world. And while we’re at it, let’s just roll on the floor laughing as our best friends, both canine and feline, think they are human by displaying human thoughts, actions and qualities – although some may be more questionable than others.

Scroll on down to see what the black lab is saying about the blond lab in the featured image at the top.

The Best Pictures of Dogs #11

Marji Beach

The Best Pictures of Dogs #11:  A Dog, a Car Window, and a Camera

“Did you ever notice when you blow in a dog’s face he gets mad at you? But when you take him in a car he sticks his head out the window!” ~ Steve Bluestone

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