Funny Dog Photos, Memes and Animated GIFs #6


Well, been quite a while since I have posted. I miss it so time to pick back up again. What’s the best way to return to posting? Funny dog photos, memes and animated gifs!

Enjoy fellow doggie lovers!

Click on any image to bring it up full size and scroll through. GIFs will still be animated.

Puppy Gets Pwned | Animated gif

Puppy gets pwned

LOL! This is one of my favorite animated gif’s. Watch as a puppy gets pwned by one of it’s siblings.

For more animated gif’s, click HERE.

Humorous animated gifs of dogs

Here are a variety of animated gif’s of dogs.  Some are funny, some are cute, but they are all dogs… which makes them the best animated gif’s on the internet!


Vampire Pug

The meaning behind a dog’s wagging tail


PhotobucketAnimals do use body language to tell us how they’re feeling, and their tails happen to be one of the simplest indicators. Specifically, here are the typical meanings behind dog’s wagging tails….

Tail Posturing of Canine Companions

Held High: When a person holds her head high, it usually means she’s feeling confident. The same goes for dogs. A dog whose tail is standing erect and high is assured and ready for what’s coming next, whether it be a walk through the park or a run down the beach. A tail that is high and curling at the end is an added show of his joyous mood.

Annie, so full of smiles!


This is Annie. A Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, and a rescue. She is happy to see me and is smiling! She is not baring her teeth in aggression. This is a form of submission amongst many dogs – and is unique to the dog. Some breeds may smile more than others, but not all dogs will perform this act.

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