Adorable Pomeranian puppy howling to wolves howling

pomeranian puppy howling to wolves howling

 Absolutely precious little fluff ball of a Pomeranian puppy who is completely baffled by hearing wolves howling.  And eventually decides to join in.


Two Pembroke Corgis playing tether ball

two corgis playing tether ball

Tether ball was one of my favorite games as a child.  It looks as though Martin and Aston are having just as much fun playing as I used to.




Bulldog puppies attacking a mop

English Bulldog puppies attacking a mop

Adorable video of a litter of English Bulldog puppies trying to overtake a mop.




A pig and a pup. Video.

pig and a puppy

This is just too cute!  The commentary adds a bit of flavor, too.  These are going to be two BFF’s!



Score: Gus the Bulldog: 1 vs The Pool: 0

Gus versus the pool


And who says that perseverance and tenacity don’t pay off?

Go, Gus!  Go!!




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