Funny Dog Photos with Captions #3

Funny Dog picture with caption got new web cam

Doggie Brain Freeze

I wonder if dogs get “brain freeze” from ice cream? Sure looks like this one does.



Very Brave Kitten Stands Up to Dog

Brave kitten stands up to dog

A very brave, and tiny, kitten stands up to this dog who appears to be a Rottweiler mix. Dog so wants to play, but the young kitty is terrified – but stands his ground! This is another cute and funny viral YouTube video.

Magic Cat Disappears and Reappears

Magic cat reappears

Cute YouTube video of a magic cat which disappears down one pocket of a billiard table then reappears out of another pocket.


Dogs Sliding in the Snow

Dogs sliding in the snow

Another great video of dogs having fun. A couple blond labradors really know how to enjoy the snow! No need for sleds with their creativity.



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