Huskies help themselves to water and ice from fridge

Husky helping himself to ice from the fridge

As a former owner and breeder of Siberian Huskies, I will vouch that these are very smart dogs.  Also very independent, and must have yard or field space to run. The beauty of this breed often draws people to purchase their first without realizing what they have in store for them.

Here are two seperate videos of two different Huskies – each of which have learned how to retrieve either ice or water from the refrigerator dispensors. Note how they use their paws.


Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs! Video

Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs

Dork (yes… I have nicknamed my Lethal White Aussie “Dork” because he is happy-go-lucky, and a goof), Mama (who is Dork’s mother) and myself (Motley Dogs) sending a Happy Holiday wish to everyone, every dog, and every creature! May your holidays be filled with family/friends and joy, and celebrated in the manner which brings you happiness.

Jingle Barks | Video

Jingle Barks


Adorable holiday video of four dogs who bark “Jingle Bells.”

Video made by Pedigree.



You might be a dog person if . . .

funny Dog Pictures Pug caption says word

You might be a dog person if . . .

  • You have to slam the door in at least one furry face if you have the slightest hope of ever going to the bathroom by yourself.
  • You’ve ever apologized to your dog for slamming the bathroom door in his face.
  • You really don’t care if you go to the bathroom by yourself or not.
  • Your dog knows you’ll rub his butt while you’re sitting on the toilet.
  • You are absolutely not embarrassed to have your dog see you get out of the shower.
  • Your dog has watched you throw up.
  • The windows in your house are covered with dog nose goobers from 3 feet down (or from 6 feet down if you own a jack russell).
  • You’ve ever asked your dog, “What should I wear today?” or “Does this look okay?”
  • You can sleep through an F5 tornado or a gas line explosion but wake in an instant if you hear the dreaded pre-barfing gagging noise in the middle of the night.
  • You’ve ever stepped on a Nylabone, or squeaky toy, or ball, barefoot, in the middle of the night, while rushing to let your dog outside because he’s making the pre-barfing gagging noise.
  • You spend hours pondering the best diet for your dog but eat microwave popcorn for your own supper.
  • You can pick dog hair out of your food without missing a beat but nearly lose your lunch if you find a human hair in your sandwich.
  • You’ve fed your dog cereal off your spoon, then absent-mindedly gone back to eating cereal with the same spoon.
  • You realize you’ve fed your dog off your spoon . . . then shrug and keep eating.
  • You’ve sat at work, crying, because you just got an e-mail that a friend’s dog died.
  • You have explained – repeatedly – to family members that no, you cannot attend the birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party, engagement party, confirmation, family dinner for no good reason, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day get-together, wedding, funeral or audience with the Pope because you’re dog isn’t feeling well.
  • Your cupboards are always well-stocked with salmon oil, Cosequin, Missing Link, Zuke’s treats, Natural Balance rolls, freeze-dried liver and sweet potato chews but you routinely run out of milk, bread and cereal.
  • You’ve ever had to explain suspicious bruises to a medical professional and assured them – repeatedly – that you feel safe in your home.
  • You’ve had a split lip, black eye, broken nose, rope burn or mild concussion caused by a dog belonging to yourself or a friend.
  • You’ve asked an auto dealer to take the seats out of a van so you could measure for crate space. (I so have to laugh at this one because I did EXACTLY this when I bought my Caravan for the dogs two years ago.)
  • You’ve had days where your only goal was to get home from work while there’s enough daylight left so you can see to pick up dog poop in the yard.


And these are specifically for those who run Agility with the dog(s):


  • You have explained – repeatedly – to family members that no, you cannot attend the birthday/ anniversary/ graduation/ engagement/ party, family dinner, Mother’s/ Father’s Day get-together, wedding, funeral or audience with the Pope because you’re entered in a four-day, out-of-state trial that weekend.
  • You refuse to drive 20 minutes through a blizzard to get to the office but will drive an hour through a blizzard to get to an agility trial.
  • You’ve ever tried to explain an agility trial to a medical professional while trying to have exercise induced asthma diagnosed.



Casper, the bath-loving dog | Video

Casper the bath loving dog SLD

Oh, if only my dogs loved baths like this dog. Actually, if only my dogs LIKED baths would be good enough for me.

This dog has a look of pure and utter contentment on it’s face. Well, when you can see it’s face…. At times, the dog’s face is submerged with only it’s muzzle up above water functioning as it’s own built-in snorkle. Notice at one point, when the dog’s face emerges from the water, it looks as cute, pure, and innocent as a white baby seal.

Such an adorable video.  Enjoy, and please share this post so other may enjoy (and possibly be envious like I am at how much this dog relaxes and completely enjoy it’s bath.)



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