5 Superdogs!


Superman’s pet, Krypto, is a white terrier from the planet Krypton, with all the powers and abilities of the Man of Steel, and he was featured in Superman comics right alongside his human counterpart.  He can fly, and he has super-strength, super-speed, super-vision, and a super sense of smell (imagine that).  Bullets bounce off him, and cats can’t scratch his invulnerable hide.  “The Dog of Tomorrow” can fetch sticks thrown to the moon and go for romps in space; plus, his superintelligence made him easy to housebreak.  Krypto was the leader of the Legion of Super-Pets, a group that included Streaky, the Super-Cat; Beppo, the Super-Monkey; Comet, the Super-Horse; and Proty, the protoplasmic shape-changing pet of Chameleon Boy of the legion of Super-Heroes.



Like Mighty Mouse, Underdog was a cartoon superhero inspired by Superman.  Underdog had a secret identity, a secret love for a beautiful female, Polly Purebred, and an arch-nemesis, the evil scientist Simon Bar Sinester.  The voice of Underdog was supplied by the actor Wally Cox, whose comic persona of a nervous coward was very similar to Clark Kent.






A member in good (but not great) standing of the Green Lantern Corps, G’Nort, from the planet G’Newt, was originally assigned to patrol Sector 2112 by the Guardians of the Universe.  After several adventures with the Justice League of America, he settled on Earth.  He is friends with Green Lantern’s Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner.






Batman’s dog, Ace, was a canine sleuth who helped the Gotham Gladiator in a few adventures in the comics of the 1950’s.  Like his master, Ace wore a mask to conceal his identity.  He appeared in only a few adventures.  We’d like to think he found a nice family to take care of instead of hanging out in a drafty Batcave.





Like Ace the Bat-Hound, Scooby-Doo solves mysteries.  Unlike Ace, Scooby can talk – albeit in a dialect heavily to the letter “r”.  With his slacker master, Shaggy, and Shaggy’s friends, Scooby fights monsters, ghosts, and the forces of evil who masquerade as these scary creatures.  Scooby and Shaggy are more like two guys sharing a dorm room than pet and human, which is probably a superpower itself, especially if Scooby ever orders the pizza.

Dog show sayings: What you hear versus what it actually means

Sebastian_being groomed

10 commonly heard phrases and terms at dog shows… and what they actually mean.


Top 10 most popular dogs in the U.S.

Top 10 more popular dogs in the US

No surprises here.  Well, the Yorkie did surprise me a little bit.  A would have thought a Cocker rather than a Yorkie…


Why dogs are better than cats

Why dogs are better than cats


Top 11 reasons why dogs ARE better than cats.  Sorry, cat-lovers….



1. Dogs come when you call them.  Cats take a message and get back to you when they are good and ready.

2.  Dogs look much better at the end of a leash.

3.  Dogs will let you give them a bath without taking out a contract on your life.

4.  Dogs will bark to wake you up if the house is on fire.  Cats will quietly sneak out the back door.

5.  Dogs will bring you your slippers or the evening paper.  Cats might bring you a dead mouse.

6.  Dogs will play Frisbee with you all afternoon.  Cats will take a three-hour nap.

7.  Dogs will sit on the car seat next to you.  Cats have to have their own private box or they will not go at all.

8.  Dogs will greet you and lick your face when you come home from work.  Cats will be mad that you went to work at all.

9.  Dogs will sit, lie down, and heel on command.  Cats will smirk and walk away.

10. Dogs will tilt their heads and listen whenever you talk.  Cats will yawn and close their eyes.

11. Dogs will give you unconditional love forever.  Cats will make you pay for every mistake you’ve ever made since the day you were born.


The 25 most common male dog names in the U.S.

Top 10 male dog names in the US

Source: Sandra and Harry Choron. Planet Dog, a doglopedia. Houghton Mifflin Co. 2005


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