A beautiful photo of my white Australian Shepherd

Mama laying down 112011

Just under two months ago, I purchased my first “real” camera… a Canon Rebel T2i. Went through a bit of a learning curve, but finally feel like I am getting the hang of it. Just the other day, I decided it was time to try out the RAW format, and here is a photo I took of “Mama.”  She is the mother of my Aussie duo, and her son is what is called a “lethal white.”  You may read more about them on my “About Me & My Dogs” page, as well as “More on my Dogs.” Oh, and by the way… I LOVE THE RAW FORMAT! Now I wish I had been using it since I bought the camera.


My two dogs | First round of pictures with new Canon Rebel T2i camera

Mama 03

It’s a dogs day at work…

my dogs at work with me

Hi!  Here is a video I compiled of the day I took my two white Aussies into work.  This is a mother/son duo, and the son is called a “lethal white” Aussie.  He was born completely deaf and blind in his left eye.  I have trained him with touch signal and hand commands.  You will see some used in this video.  For more details, please see my posting About Me & My Dogs.

A tender moment between Mama and her “lethal white” son

Mama kissing Dork 400

My two beautiful children.  Rescued together from a shelter (see “About Me & My Dogs” in the top menu).  He was about 3-4 months old, her age unsure – estimating around 4 yrs old at the time of adoption in 2007.

I, very affectionately, call the son “Dork”… because he’s a dork.  Very happy-go-lucky.  Born completely deaf, and blind in his left eye, he will occasionally run into something, then give it a look as in “whatever” and go on his merry way.



Actually, it’s SUPER-MAMA!  Flying out of that chute… look at her GO!!!



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