Photos from Doggie Dash & Dawdle

Doggie Dash n Dawdle ABQ NM

Doggie Dash & Dawdle is Animal Humane’s largest fundraiser and the canine social event of the year! With a 5k Dash and a 2 Mile Dawdle, Dash Bash, and Pet Plaza, every dog can have his day!

Striking black & white photos of dogs

sriking black and white photo of husky with blue eyes

Stars of the Silver Screen…. and their dogs


Boo, the world’s cutest dog! Featured on GMA!

Boo the World's Cutest Dog profile picture on Facebook

The owner of Boo started up a Facebook page for Boo a few years ago.  Now, Boo’s page now has 1,619,103 “Likes”.  And he is a cutie, I do have to agree.  He is a Pomeranian with an odd haircut for a Pom.

The best pictures of dogs #6

Lips flapping

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