Puppy Gets Pwned | Animated gif

Puppy gets pwned

LOL! This is one of my favorite animated gif’s. Watch as a puppy gets pwned by one of it’s siblings.

For more animated gif’s, click HERE.

Adorable Fluffy Pup Plays with Self in Mirror

Fluffy dog plays with self in mirror

An adorable home video of a cute little fluffy puppy, Ralph, who is having a wonderful time playing with itself in a mirror.




Portuguese Water Dog puppies | ONE day old!

Igraine's litter

Portuguese Water Dog puppies.  From Elk Run Kennels in Albuquerque NM.  

Playful Toy Poodle Puppy Barks at self in mirror


Precious video of a wee tiny toy poodle discovering he has a playmate in the mirror! A friend who will never tire and nap until puppy does…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ7L1DCj704&feature=channel_video_title]


Yorkie puppy does the “moon walk”

Yorkie does the moon walk

Adorable short video of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy doing the Moon Walk!  Per the owner:

My 3.5 month old yorkie, Schrader, shows off his dance moves by doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk! And before you leave a dumb comment… no, he doesn’t have worms and he is not wiping his butt on the floor. He started doing this when I tried to teach him to sit. I thought it was cute, so I associated it with the word moonwalk so he would do it on command. He never really learned how to sit, but the moonwalk is way cooler/cuter in my opinion anyway.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYREoZfbw_c&feature=related]

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