Stay Away from the Catnip! Talking Pet Auditions by klaatu42

Jupiter and Kona the white cats

Recall the viral video by klaatu42 called the “Ultimate Dog Tease” where a talking dog expresses his woeful agony because the cat got to eat the meat and bacon and he didn’t? If not, it is below the “Talking Pet Auditions” and you may then check it out. Or if you’re like me, you’ll watch it again even though you’ve seen it dozens of times. There are 122 million plus hits on it, too. I’m sure a thousand or so are just from me.

Ultimate Dog Tease: Viral video of talking dog who didn’t get his meat… but the cat did…

ultimate dog tease

As many people do in this world… I LOVE DOGS! This has to be one of the best, funniest, and most creative videos of a dog I have seen. I have watched this dozens of times, and sent it to everyone I know. The creation/narration was so well done. Clark Griswold, a shepherd mix, listens carefully, asks a few questions, and cries out in mental anguish when he finds out the CAT got to eat the meat and he didn’t.

Enjoy! I am here LMAO!!!

Ultimate Dog Tease


Video has been broadcast worldwide on TV on such shows as Good Morning America. Congratulations! You most certainly have a viral video worthy of this attention.

Here is the ORIGINAL video of the dog, Clark Griswold “Sir Talksalot”…



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