Eight Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

Koki the cat retrieving a stuffed toy

Meet Koko the Cat who shows eight different signs that she wants to be a dog. Can’t say that I blame her, after all, dogs rule! Cats are only here to entertain dogs. And keep the mice down. Although in my house, the Border Terrier is a much better mouser than the two cats….

8 signs your cat is actually a dog



FYI… it has been brought to the owners attention that panting in a cat may be an indication of heart or respiratory problems. Hopefully the owner will listen.


Stay Away from the Catnip! Talking Pet Auditions by klaatu42

Jupiter and Kona the white cats

Recall the viral video by klaatu42 called the “Ultimate Dog Tease” where a talking dog expresses his woeful agony because the cat got to eat the meat and bacon and he didn’t? If not, it is below the “Talking Pet Auditions” and you may then check it out. Or if you’re like me, you’ll watch it again even though you’ve seen it dozens of times. There are 122 million plus hits on it, too. I’m sure a thousand or so are just from me.

The Amazing Zero-Gravity Dog

Screenshot dog in plane

I have come across a fairly decent copy of the “zero-gravity dog.” Most have been downloaded, copied, uploaded endless times that the quality is very poor. And there are also several animated gif’s floating around, too (pardon the pun). But here is the best quality that I have found.

Doggie Does the Hula Dance

Dog dances the hula

Fun little short video featuring an adorable dog doing her version of the Hula Dance. Typical YouTube video in that I have no clue as to the dog’s name or her family – and I’m just guessing doggie is a “she.” But Hula-pooch’s human family deserve a big KUDOS for originality.

I definitely got a lot of giggles with this one.

Doggie dances the hula


Mishka, the Talking Husky | A Valentine’s Day “I Love You”

Mishka the talking husky

Mishka is the Talking Husky who became famous for her viral video of her saying, “I love you.” Since then, Mishka has her own Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, a 3D YouTube video (must have 3D glasses), as well as having been featured in a commercial just last November.

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