Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs! Video

Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs

Dork (yes… I have nicknamed my Lethal White Aussie “Dork” because he is happy-go-lucky, and a goof), Mama (who is Dork’s mother) and myself (Motley Dogs) sending a Happy Holiday wish to everyone, every dog, and every creature! May your holidays be filled with family/friends and joy, and celebrated in the manner which brings you happiness.

Portuguese Water Dog puppies at play

Portuguese water dogs puppies playing

Video I created of litter of Portuguese Water Dog puppies at my dear friend’s, Lyn Martin, house.  Elk Run Kennels, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It’s a dogs day at work…

my dogs at work with me

Hi!  Here is a video I compiled of the day I took my two white Aussies into work.  This is a mother/son duo, and the son is called a “lethal white” Aussie.  He was born completely deaf and blind in his left eye.  I have trained him with touch signal and hand commands.  You will see some used in this video.  For more details, please see my posting About Me & My Dogs.

Heeling Hearts of New Mexico


PB & J Family Services, a 501c3 non-profit entity, has also provided a program, Heeling Hearts, at the New Mexico women’s prison in Grants NM where dogs are rescued from the Cibola County shelter and placed into the loving care of participating women in the prison. Here the dogs receive the love and attention they have lacked, as well as helping the women, many of which have lived a life of abuse and addiction, how to love once again – and sometimes for the first time in their life.

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