Bearded Dragon plays Ant Crusher | Video

Bearded Dragon playing Ant Crusher

Nope… not a dog. But this video is too good to pass up posting. I must say, this lizard plays better than I am sure I would.

Amazing how the force of the reptiles tongue is able to interact with the phone app… I practically have to pound my phone to get it to respond.


Huskies help themselves to water and ice from fridge

Husky helping himself to ice from the fridge

As a former owner and breeder of Siberian Huskies, I will vouch that these are very smart dogs.  Also very independent, and must have yard or field space to run. The beauty of this breed often draws people to purchase their first without realizing what they have in store for them.

Here are two seperate videos of two different Huskies – each of which have learned how to retrieve either ice or water from the refrigerator dispensors. Note how they use their paws.


Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs! Video

Happy Holidays from Motley Dogs

Dork (yes… I have nicknamed my Lethal White Aussie “Dork” because he is happy-go-lucky, and a goof), Mama (who is Dork’s mother) and myself (Motley Dogs) sending a Happy Holiday wish to everyone, every dog, and every creature! May your holidays be filled with family/friends and joy, and celebrated in the manner which brings you happiness.

Jingle Barks | Video

Jingle Barks


Adorable holiday video of four dogs who bark “Jingle Bells.”

Video made by Pedigree.



Casper, the bath-loving dog | Video

Casper the bath loving dog SLD

Oh, if only my dogs loved baths like this dog. Actually, if only my dogs LIKED baths would be good enough for me.

This dog has a look of pure and utter contentment on it’s face. Well, when you can see it’s face…. At times, the dog’s face is submerged with only it’s muzzle up above water functioning as it’s own built-in snorkle. Notice at one point, when the dog’s face emerges from the water, it looks as cute, pure, and innocent as a white baby seal.

Such an adorable video.  Enjoy, and please share this post so other may enjoy (and possibly be envious like I am at how much this dog relaxes and completely enjoy it’s bath.)



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