Eight Signs Your Cat is Actually a Dog

Koki the cat retrieving a stuffed toy

Meet Koko the Cat who shows eight different signs that she wants to be a dog. Can’t say that I blame her, after all, dogs rule! Cats are only here to entertain dogs. And keep the mice down. Although in my house, the Border Terrier is a much better mouser than the two cats….

8 signs your cat is actually a dog



FYI… it has been brought to the owners attention that panting in a cat may be an indication of heart or respiratory problems. Hopefully the owner will listen.


Funny Dog (and Cat) Photos with Captions #5

Featured image for dogs photos with humorous captions number 5

Yet another installment of funny dog – and a few cat photos with humorous captions. Get a laugh out of cats making fun of dogs, then chuckle when dogs will stop at nothing to get a treat. Don’t you think it’s amazing that babies can telepathically talk to puppies? This happens all the time in the funny photo and caption world. And while we’re at it, let’s just roll on the floor laughing as our best friends, both canine and feline, think they are human by displaying human thoughts, actions and qualities – although some may be more questionable than others.

Scroll on down to see what the black lab is saying about the blond lab in the featured image at the top.

Cat Kisses Make the Dog Smile

cat kisses make dog smile

Ranger, the Lab, smiles big when he gets a kiss from the Valentine, the cat!

Absolutely precious!


So Just Who Is the Boss Here? The Cat or the Dog?

who is the boss the cat or the dog

So, tell me… just who do you think the boss actually is here…  The cat?  Or the dog?


Funny Dog Photos with Captions #4

Funny dog photo with caption has elephant ears

Time for some more dog funnies! Yes, and some cat funnies, too. Funny photos with humorous captions… keeps us all smiling.

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