Mishka, the Talking Husky | A Valentine’s Day “I Love You”

Mishka the talking husky

Mishka is the Talking Husky who became famous for her viral video of her saying, “I love you.” Since then, Mishka has her own Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, a 3D YouTube video (must have 3D glasses), as well as having been featured in a commercial just last November.

Huskies help themselves to water and ice from fridge

Husky helping himself to ice from the fridge

As a former owner and breeder of Siberian Huskies, I will vouch that these are very smart dogs.  Also very independent, and must have yard or field space to run. The beauty of this breed often draws people to purchase their first without realizing what they have in store for them.

Here are two seperate videos of two different Huskies – each of which have learned how to retrieve either ice or water from the refrigerator dispensors. Note how they use their paws.


Striking black & white photos of dogs

sriking black and white photo of husky with blue eyes

The best pictures of dogs #6

Lips flapping

The best pictures of dogs #5


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