Mishka, the Talking Husky | A Valentine’s Day “I Love You”

Mishka the talking husky

Mishka is the Talking Husky who became famous for her viral video of her saying, “I love you.” Since then, Mishka has her own Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, a 3D YouTube video (must have 3D glasses), as well as having been featured in a commercial just last November.

Mishka, the talking “I love you” Husky, does her first commercial

Mishka the talking husky

On February 7, 2008, the talking husky, Mishka’s owner uploaded a video of her saying “I love you,” and the video went viral.  Now the video has 62,961,525 hits. Siberian Huskies are talkers – every owner will vouch for this. Mine talked as well, and had many “sayings,” but could never master the “I love you.” Mishka has. In the “I love you” video, many attempts sound pretty close, but there is one that really stands out from the rest.

Now, Mishka has become even more famous and just recently appeared in her first commercial… a Purina Probiotic FortiFlora commercial which aired on Thanksgiving Day this year during The National Dog Show on NBC.

The commercial is below her viral “I love you” video. And below the commercial are three videos about the family’s trip to Long Island to do the shoot.

And I love you, too, Mishka!

Husky Dog Talking – ” I love you “

Mishka the Talking Husky’s First TV Commercial!

Mishka’s Acting Debut: On the Road & Arrival Pt.

Mishka’s Acting Debut: At the Hotel Pt.2

Mishka’s Acting Debut: Shoot Day Pt. 3

Her YouTube channel: Mishka’s Dog Vlog

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